My name's Nicolas Kayser-Bril and I like to understand how things work.

To do so, I use data. I crunch, grind, chew and squeeze numbers to extract meaning and tell stories. That's called data-driven journalism and I'm proud to have been one of the first ones to practice it in Europe.

I co-founded and managed Journalism++ from 2011 to 2017. Before that, I was head of datajournalism at Owni.

You can reach me at, follow me on Twitter @nicolaskb and on Facebook or add me on LinkedIn .

Drop me a line if you need help on a data-driven project of any kind or if you need a public speaker or a stand-up comedian to talk about data, the internet or journalism.

Things I did

Purple represents trainings I've conducted, dark blue are conferences I presented at, light blue are projects I'm proud of, bright red are articles I wrote and light ocre are interviews I gave.

Things I wrote